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A green card has a long reputation as the pinnacle of United States immigration. Named for the color of the original cards, a green card is the photo identification that an immigrant receives when they become a lawful permanent resident. Lawful permanent residency allows the green card holder to enter, exit, live, and work in the United States. If you or a loved one are seeking to secure a green card, our experienced Anaheim green card attorney can help.

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At Ethan Chin Law, we have experience guiding individuals and families through the immigration process, including the securing of green cards. Our lawyer remains updated on the changing immigration laws and policies and how these affect our clients. Coming from a family of immigrants, Attorney Ethan Chin has a unique understanding of the value of immigration to the tapestry of America. When our clients retain Ethan for your green card case, they know that he acts with their interests in mind.

Are You Eligible for a Green Card?

If you are seeking a green card in Anaheim or surrounding areas in Orange County, your first step should be to speak with EC Law. Green cards are available to some immigrants that are legally in the country through a visa and have a sponsor petitioning their change of status.

Those with eligibility for a green card include:

  • Immediate relatives of United States citizens
  • Preferential family members of U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  • Employees with marketable skills
  • Ethnic diversity lotteries
  • Special situations as determined by the United States government
  • Refugees
  • Asylum seekers

Green cards are necessary if you ever want to become a naturalized citizen of the United States. Working with an immigration attorney is the right place to start. Our Anaheim green card lawyer helps clients through the green card process, including understanding paperwork, filing requirements, and interviews with immigration officials. We offer 24/7 appointments as well as Korean and Spanish language services.

Green Card Renewal

The first step before filing any forms is to understand the reason why you are applying for your green card renewal. Is your green card on its way to expiring? Is your green card lost? Have you changed your name since your green card was granted to you? The reason why you are filing for a green card renewal determines which supporting documents you’ll need to submit for your case.

Renewing Your 10-Year Green Card

If you are a permanent resident with a 10-year green card and is expired or is about to expire, you will need to begin the process of renewing it. You start the renewal process by:

  • Filing online Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card.
  • Filing paper Form I-90 by mail.

Note: Do NOT file Form I-90 if you have a 2-Year Green Card.

Removing Conditions on Your 2-Year Green Card

Conditional permanent residents have to file a petition to remove the conditions of their green card in the last 90 days of their cards being active.

You cannot renew a 2-year green card, rather you will need to file a petition to remove the conditions on it otherwise you will lose your resident status. To keep your status of permanent resident:

  • In the 90 days before your green card expires, a family-based conditional permanent resident has to file Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.
  • In the 90 days before your green card expires, an entrepreneur/investor-based conditional permanent resident has to file Form I-829, Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions.

Replacing Your Card

You will need to replace your green card by filing Form I-90 if:

  • The 10-year green card you were issued initially will expire in 6 months or has already expired.
  • Your green card does not have an expiration date listed and you would like to replace it.
  • Your card has been stolen, damaged or lost.
  • You got a 10-year green card issued to you before you turned 14 years old, and it will not expire before you turn 16.
  • The green card has incorrect information (name, issued date, DOB) due to a USCIS mistake.

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