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Non-citizens in the United States do not have the same level of defense against deportation available to citizens. Deportation means a forcible removal from the country with prohibitions on returning. The hard work and life you built will be taken away once deported. If you or a loved one are facing deportation and removal proceedings in Orange County, speak with an Anaheim deportation defense lawyer as soon as possible. Our seasoned legal counsel at Ethan Chin Law has an in-depth understanding of immigration law and knows how to advocate on your behalf.

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When Can You Be Deported?

There are several reasons why an immigrant may be facing deportation. Typically, deportation occurs after immigration or criminal laws are broken. With changing immigration laws, our attorney helps our clients understand their options, including challenging the removal proceedings in court.

Deportation is possible when a non-citizen in the United States:

  • Overstays a visitor or student visa
  • Enters the country without a visa
  • Does not apply for a visa in time
  • Misses the renewal deadline for their existing visa
  • Is arrested or convicted of a criminal offense

Few situations are as straightforward as they seem. EC Law strives to get to the bottom of the situation and understand what triggered the deportation proceedings. Our immigration lawyer understands the value of living and working in the United States, and we fight for each client’s right to stay here.

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If you are a foreign national or non-citizen in the United States and facing deportation, secure qualified legal counsel to defend your case. Attorney Ethan Chin, as a skilled Anaheim deportation defense lawyer, understands strategies to challenge removal in immigration court. Depending on the situation, we can challenge the removal proceedings or petition for cancellation of removal. When we meet for your initial consultation, we will work to understand the circumstances of your case and begin crafting a defense.

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