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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Help from an Experienced Immigration Lawyer

At Ethan Chin Law, we help clients dealing with the complex legal issues involved in immigration and bankruptcy. As a member of an immigrant family with years of experience helping those relocating, Attorney Ethan Chin has the in-depth knowledge and insights necessary to help you through this challenging time. During your free consultation with our immigration lawyer, you can gain a clearer understanding of your situation and how to proceed.

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  • How do I begin the immigration process?

    The first thing you will do is submit a petition to open a case for your immigration. You will need a sponsor—a U.S. citizen who can vouch for you. This can be a prospective employer or a family member. You can increase the odds for successful immigration by having a permanent employment opportunity, making a large investment in the U.S. that foreseeably creates jobs, or falling under refugee status.

    Following a successful petition, you will work with an agent from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to collect all necessary forms and fees for your immigration process. Finally, you will undergo an interview.

  • How can a lawyer help with my immigration application?

    Because these laws can be so complex, having the help of an experienced immigration lawyer can help you be ready for events as they unfold. At Ethan Chin Law, we help our immigration clients by representing them where possible and giving them the assistance they need to feel confident about their situation.

  • What should I do if I’m being deported?

    While it is terrifying to face removal from the country, the good news is there are safeguards in place to slow down the process and avoid deportation. If you have been alerted that you are to be deported, you have 30 days before you must appear in immigration court. You need the help of an immigration lawyer who can stand by your side and help you build a strong legal strategy to protect your interests. If a verdict goes against you, your lawyer can help you appeal the removal.

  • Will I lose everything if I file for bankruptcy?

    No. Not all bankruptcy filings mean you have to liquidate everything you own to pay off debt. In fact, filings such as Chapter 13 bankruptcy not only allow you to keep your possessions and make periodic payments, but they are viewed by some creditors as a positive since it shows that you are pushing to solve your financial problems on your own.

    In cases like Chapter 7, you will likely lose some assets to pay off the balance, but only for certain secured debts such as a mortgage or car payment. Chapter 11 is reserved to help businesses restructure their finances without losing everything. The Anaheim lawyer at Ethan Chin Law can help you better understand how these processes work.

  • What should I do if I’m being sued by a creditor?

    Once you are served lawsuit papers from a creditor, you have only a limited window to get your defense in order. If a significant length of time has passed since you made a payment on your debts, your creditor may have sold your debt to a third-party collections agency at a discount. This gives that agency the authority to try and collect what they can against you, even to the point of a lawsuit.

    You need to know if:

    • They have filed all the right, necessary paperwork
    • They have the right to sue you
    • They have the right person
    • They are still within the statute of limitations window
    • The debts are yours and not those of someone close to you

    A good Anaheim lawyer will be able to help you plan your legal defense and avoid serious consequences from a lawsuit.

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