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Emergency Filings for Bankruptcy in Anaheim

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An emergency bankruptcy filing in California allows a debtor to immediately file for bankruptcy rather than going through the traditional bankruptcy process. Since a bankruptcy case puts an automatic stay that prevents most actions to recover money, filing for bankruptcy can help when a creditor acts against you and you need a quick way to bring it to a halt.

An emergency bankruptcy filing prevents asset seizure and grants additional time for a full bankruptcy application. If you are wondering what options you have, reach out to Ethan Chin Law as soon as possible.

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Necessary Forms for an Emergency Filing

Time is of the essence when your home, wages, and other property is on the line. Unfortunately, the traditional way of filing for bankruptcy can be an extensive process. When you need rapid relief, consider an emergency filing. An emergency filing can be completed online, any time of the day, night, or weekend.

The necessary forms for an emergency bankruptcy filing are:

  • Form B-1, Bankruptcy petition
  • Names and addresses of creditors
  • Credit counseling certificate requirement or waiver
  • Form B-21, Statement of Social Security Number

You have 14 days to file the rest of the bankruptcy petition. The emergency filing places a halt only for this time frame. Bankruptcy filings typically take months to complete so it is especially important to work with a bankruptcy attorney after an emergency filing. Attorney Ethan Chin can help you fill out the emergency bankruptcy forms and support the filing of the complete bankruptcy petition.

Empathetic Guidance through the Bankruptcy Process

Ethan is highly knowledgeable in the field of bankruptcy law and has empathy for the struggles that families face when in debt. We use our experience to our client’s advantage. Our priority is to allow you to control your property and help you take the necessary steps to get free from debt. With an emergency filing, you protect yourself from wage garnishment, automobile repossession, and home foreclosure.

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