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Anaheim Collections Defense Lawyer

Protecting Clients from Aggressive Collections Tactics

Not only is debt immensely stressful, but creditors can also take aggressive actions to take what they are owed. If enough time passes with the debt remaining unpaid, debt collection agencies will buy that debt and begin hassling debtors all over again. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act bars debt collection agencies, debt-collecting lawyers, and other companies from illegal debt collection measures.

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If you believe that you are a victim of creditor harassment or need further guidance on debt collection, turn to Ethan Chin Law. Our Anaheim collections defense attorney is familiar with the tactics used by creditors to bully those that owe them money. We can take the necessary steps to protect our clients’ well-being.

Illegal Tactics Used by Collection Agencies

When creditors threaten legal action or a credit agency oversteps their bounds, retain an attorney. Debt is debt, no matter how small or large it may be. You have the right to owe debt without illegal harassment. At EC Law, we have the skill and experience to handle virtually any debt collection situation, especially those that break the law.

Attorney Ethan Chin determines if collections agencies use illegal actions, such as:

  • Contacting unauthorized third-parties about the debt
  • Contacting authorized third-parties after you have sent a letter declining contact
  • Improperly withholding information or misleading you about their identity or the debt
  • Indicating to third-parties that you owe a debt
  • Phone calls and other contacts during inconvenient times and places
  • Contact you if they know you have a bankruptcy lawyer
  • Threatening violence or harm
  • Repeated calls
  • Using profane language

Collections agencies and creditors try to manipulate you to paying debt with no concern about your well-being. Few people are able to drop all of their responsibilities to pay off their debt, especially when they have a family and home to protect. EC Law can take legal action against these collections agencies, even taking the necessary steps to prevent wage garnishment.

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We can provide defense from repossession and foreclosure as we fight back against aggressive creditors. Once you receive notice that creditors are collecting on debt, don’t hesitate to speak with a trusted collections defense lawyer in Anaheim. Our lawyer lays out the available options to halt creditors from securing your possessions. We can meet with you in-person and on weekends for optimal convenience.

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